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Let's Master
Your Money Together!

Looking to Master Your Money & Destroy Your Debt?

That’s our specialty!

Our team has personally reviewed thousands of dollars worth of debt for our clients,

so we know how stressful it can be to not feel 100% in control of our money.

We also know how important it is to learn how to transition your finances from Basic to Brilliant!


This is why we make it our mission to Educate, Equip, and Empower you with the Money Mastering Tools to permanently Transform your Finances and crush Your Financial Goals!

Ready for your Transformation?


How Can We Help You CRUSH Your Money Goals?


Budget Review - 20min

A consultation to review your personal budget. You’ll provide us with a copy of your income + expenses using the Money Mastery Workbook and we’ll review it, offer suggestions to fine-tune it, & answer specific questions to begin Mastering Your Money. Plan to walk away with 1-2 actionable steps that you can begin implementing immediately.

Budget Review – $65

1-Hour Budget
Strategy Session

A comprehensive review of your personal income and expenses for the sole purpose of helping you create and implement a Personal Spending Plan to Light Your Financial Goals on FIRE! A workbook will be provided at the conclusion of your call that fully outlines your new spending plan!

1-Hour Budget Strategy Session – $249

1-90min Budget & Debt Payoff Strategy Session w/ (1) 45min Follow Up Session

You'll receive 1-on-1 assistance Creating a Custom Money Mastery AND Debt Pay Off Plan that will allow you to accomplish your short-term goals while placing you on the right path to CRUSHING your long-term goals as well.  A workbook will be provided at the conclusion of your call that fully outlines your New Spending + Debt Payoff Plan.


  • One 45-Minute Follow Up Session (good for 45 days),

  • 30-Day Access to our Online, DIY Money Mastery Master Classes to ensure you’re on the right rack to transitioning your Money from Maintenance to Mastery!

(Installment Plan: 2 Installments of $299.50)

45-min Budget Follow Up Strategy Session

A follow-up Budgeting Strategy Session to review the personal budget that we’ve created together. This call is a continuation of the conversation and strategies we’ve already implemented together. We’ll continue fine-tuning and personalizing a flexible budget that will allow you to CRUSH your Financial Goals.


45-min Budget Follow Up Strategy Session – $175

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NOTE: We are a Financial Education Services Firm. We provide Credit Consultations, Courses, and Financial Coaching Services to empower YOU to take your Credit & overall Finances to the Next Level!