About Us

the story behind the brand

Hi! I'm Bre Brilliant

..and I'm the brains behind Wealthy Majority Consulting. My misson is to build a community of like minded people who are on the road to taking control of their life and beating the odds of becoming the Wealthy Majority.

My mission is to empower the working minority into transforming into the Wealthy Majority.


I come from a place where the working class works the hardest but gets the least out of life. So I've studied amazing people and principles to understand how to go from poverty lines to paid assets, so that we can really enjoy our life fully while we are here.  

What I've learned is that the foundation to a Free life is Financial Literacy. The one major life hack that isn't taught in school is the one thing that takes people all the way to the grave without truly living life; and that mastering our money, leveraging debt, building business, buying real estate, and keeping all of that energy by saving the most taxes; AND having the tools and confidence to believe we actually can.  All that stops and starts HERE!

In order to win the money game we have to win in how we think, first.


So let's build a strategy to help you 

Master their Money, Destroy your Debts, and Score Wealthy Credit so they can hit your money goals and get on the road to becoming the Wealthy Majority. 

We already are wealthy, its time to start thinking like it. Its possible!