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What you need to Qualify for our business funding program

Below are Qualifications you MUST meet in order to qualify for business funding. If you don't meet them, unfortunately you are unable to be a candidate for this program.

  1.  At least 2 years of history on Credit profile (Your Business Registration Account should at least been open since 2019 or later)

  2. Must have at least 3 of your own personal tradelines (Mortgage, Auto loan, Major Credit cards) with a minimum credit limit of $5,000.

  3. Credit utilization must be under 30%

  4. No late payments

  5. No Bankruptcies, Collections or tax liens

  6. No more than 3 credit inquiries per credit bureaus (If they’re not attached to open accounts, they can be removed for a fee) 


**Business Funding amount received is contingent upon your credit profile and the set up of your business**

Hey entreprenuer, 

Here's how we can help you:

Wealthy Majority Consulting helps businesses get the working capital they need.

We connect you with multiple lending partners so you can get the funding you need for your business.


The best part is, this funding can be used for any business field!

If you fall short of the qualifications, don’t hesitate to call.

We can help!

Need help building a credible business?

1 on 1 Business credit Consultation

  1. Get up to $70,000 in funding for your business

  2. Opportunity to obtain funds to build your brand

  3. Review business to ensure that your business entity is lendable and fundable

  4. Recommend 3 bank for funding based on your credit profile

  5. Teach you how to liquidate the credit cards

  6. Teach you how to remove the inquiries

  7. Strategies how to get the most funding