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Learn how to Restore, Build & Leverage Your Credit & Make Money work for you!

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Credit Services

Repair, Rebuild, Restore, & TRANSFORM Your Credit Scores Today with Our Exclusive Credit Soaring Services!

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Budgeting Services

Start Transitioning Your Money from Maintenance to MASTERY with our 1-on-1 Comprehensive, Professional Budgeting Services!

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Credit & Wealth Building School

Learn how to Light Your Financial Goals on Fire with my Credit on Fire Academy! Monthly Live Lessons & Q&A Sessions on Credit, Budgeting, Investing, Homebuying and MORE!

Improve Your Credit. Improve your life.

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The Benefits Of Working With Us

$199 Initial Investment $99.00 Monthly

  • Credit Monitoring

  • 3 Bureau Reports

  • Score Builder

  • Score Tracker

  • Money Manager

  • No Contract

  • Unlimited Disputes

  • Monthly Updates

  • Results In Just 30-45 Days

  • Affordable Monthly Payments

  • 1 Million Dollars In Fraud Protection

  • Money Back Guarantee

Wealthy Majority Credit Consultings can get you back on track.

Don’t push fixing your credit off any longer contact a credit consultant for your free credit evaluation!


What Our Clients Can Expect



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